Sunday, 30 November 2014

The start of a new blog is always difficult but I've been here before and decided it was time to come back. After trying out other blog platforms they just didn't work for me and I feel much more at home here on Blogger.
So a little bit about me. I'm an illustrator from Kirriemuir in Scotland and I spend what time I can drawing. If I'm not drawing then I'm needle felting small creatures and I also like to knit them too. I collect old photographs and also enjoy a bit of photography too. I'm about to get a new camera so I'll hopefully be sharing some snaps on here soon. I much prefer living in the countryside to the city but I have a huge soft spot for Edinburgh and it's my future goal to move there, hopefully in 2015 if a job will arise.
So what's this blog going to be for? Well I'm hoping to share what I'm up to illustration wise, also what I'm reading, buying and any little trips I take. Also things I knit, felt and all the bits and bobs in between.
Why's this blog called floating knees? I have a pair of odd knee caps that like to dislocate which makes me fall over. I pop them back into place but they always just sort of sit there floating on my legs.
So that's a little introduction and I'll be back soon!

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