Monday, 5 January 2015


So, it's 2015 which is kind of crazy if you think about it.  As I get older I've found i've started asking not only where the weeks and months go but where the years are going too.  I must be getting old.
I've very much enjoyed my holiday break which has been just over two weeks.  I've got lots of hopes and plans for the new year but I'm generally just happy for a fresh new start.  There's something so refreshing about waking up in a new year which gives you a bit of a spring in your step for the days to come.
To help get organised for 2015 I bought a new diary which I always take ages to choose. Thankfully I stumbled across the website Sticker Stack who's products are sourced from Korea and Japan.  The stationary featured is so lovely and exactly my kind of taste. I got the Iconic Design 2015 planner along with one of their pens. I also got the Diary Deco pack v.5 of stickers as I love filling diaries full of bits and bobs. The quality of the products is exceptional. I very much recommend giving them a look. I'll be going back to them for more stickers and notebooks during the year as delivery was also very quick and everything was packaged up in such a nice way. It was like a second Christmas!

I can't say I'm ready to go back to work as I don't think anyone ever is after a good holiday.  I've lots to keep me occupied in my free time though. I finally chose and bought my new camera which is a Nikon d7100 which I'm so pleased with. I also bought a guide for it off amazon so I've been spending my time reading through that and learning about all the functions. It's nice to have a new hobby to focus on and learn. As well as playing about with my camera I've also done a spot more knitting.  I gave my mum a crochet kit for Christmas and watching her has made me want to get the knitting out again.  Here is a quick little piggy I knitted yesterday.

 I've also done the odd spot of drawing over the past two weeks but to be honest my biggest activity has been eating chocolate and relaxing because after all that's what holidays are for.

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