Saturday, 25 June 2016

Vintage Photograph Collection - Part Two

If you happened to miss the first part of this series of posts then you can find it here. I will go back to talking about the collection of family photographs that came from a lot I bought on eBay, but today I'm going to talk about the photographs which I display on my shelves.  These photographs are also probably my favourites, mainly because I know their faces the best because I see them everyday. They are like unknown family to me. 

 This was one of my first vintage photographs which I got from a friend at university.  I was doing a lot of research on old photographs for my art so this was a big help at the time.  Since then I've always had it displayed on a desk or bookshelf.  I'm slightly concerned that it's faded quite a bit since I first got it.  The children's faces are beginning to disappear.  I've had this one for so long I feel like I know these people. I think this was bought from a charity shop on the Perth Road in Dundee.  If you're looking for old photographs yourself, always check charity shops.  They don't often have any but sometimes they hold a gem like this one.

This photograph is quite new to my collection and was from an eBay auction.  Again if you want to hunt down some photos of your own, browse eBay often. There are new vintage photo auctions going up every day which is both great for collecting but also incredibly sad in a way.  I love how smartly dressed this family are and I think the kids have such character in their faces.  I like family portraits as you can look at the similarities within the faces and postures.

This is my newest soldier.  I have a few soldier photographs and I think this one is especially sweet as someone has written 'The Boy' on it. I wonder what happened to him and if they got their boy home.

These guys crack me up. They look so smug with their fancy moustaches.  The more I look at it, the more I think it looks like they're away to burst out laughing after trying to look serious for the photo.

Another beautiful family, again with a soldier in the midst.  I wonder how the family coped with him being away, did he return and was this the last photo of them together?

This is quite a badly damaged photo but I love the girl's face. The back has something in a language I don't recognise and it looks like it's been written by a child. Incredibly intriguing and really quite beautiful.

This chap was bought in a small book shop in St Andrews that I've never been able to find again.  My sense of direction isn't too great though...I love his hair and smart little moustache.  I've based many drawings on him.

 I don't really know why but this photograph always reminded me of the actor Jerome Flynn.  I think it might be the chin!  He also reminds me a bit of one of my grandads. I think he just has one of those familiar faces.

Last but not least this photo actually has a couple in it that I'm related to.  I'm not too sure exactly what relation they are but I do know their names are Audrey and Manfred.  I have so many photographs of people who have no names.  All these unknown people who I completely cherish but I know nothing about.  It's therefore nice to have this photo in my collection and at least know their names.

Part three of my collection shall be coming soon...

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