Monday, 6 April 2015

easter sunday and some new camera snaps

I always say I love autumn and then it comes to spring and I feel like I love it even more. After the dark, dull days of winter any tiny glimpse of sunlight makes me feel incredibly happy and raring to get on with things. 

I had my first proper walk of the spring for Easter Sunday, venturing up the White Caterthun which is near Brechin in Angus, Scotland. It is the site of an Iron Age fort and has light coloured rocks lining the summit like a large dry stone wall. It also has a well in the centre.  I've been up here many times with my family before so it was nice to revisit it with them again. We rolled our eggs down the side, although I prefer to chuck mine as hard as I can.  It's rather satisfying. 

Our chocolate lab, Keira, very much enjoyed trying to eat all the rolled eggs that people had left.  She also enjoyed bounding through the heather and certainly slept when she got home.

This was the first time I got to take my new camera out properly and it was really enjoyable and easy to use. I'm still learning about all it's different functions but I got a few good shots on the day which I'm really pleased with. I think my favourite shot of the day with this beautiful lark.  They sang us up the hill on our walk and I eventually managed to get a shot of one.  

On our way home we stopped the car so I could get a quick photo of these bulls. Growing up in the countryside when I was wee, I loved chatting to the cows. I didn't manage to chat to these ones, but they were interested enough to look up for a photo.  

I'm really hoping the weather holds out for a bit longer as I'm on holiday ay the moment and  I'd love to go a few more walks in the sun.  Next time I'm going to take my sketchbook along too. 

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