Friday, 15 January 2016

cross stitch has entered my life

I've always been intrigued by cross stitch having once tried it at primary school as part of a Victorian project. We got given a piece of large weave fabric, a giant plastic needle and some wool to cross stitch our initials. I remember enjoying seeing the shapes appear on the fabric and the simplicity of the stitches that it took to create them.

Even though I'd loved it I'd never tried it again until now after being given a cross stitch kit for my Christmas of a pattern based on one of my favourite artists, L.S. Lowry. During my Christmas holidays I was sitting for days at a time working away on the street scene.  I got quite a large amount done and now I'm back to work the progress is slower but I'm getting there bit by bit. 

The kit is by a company called Bothy Threads and if you're interested in starting out or already do cross stitch and fancy a new pattern, I'd highly recommend checking them out. The kits come with an easy to follow pattern, instructions, the full range of coded threads needed, and the fabric. I got the embroidery ring for Christmas but you can easily pick these up in most craft shops including Hobbycraft.

The reason I started up this time was also because I wanted to get into creating my own images with thread, whether that be with cross stitch or embroidery. The latter is my next venture and I'd really love to try and create my drawing style but using these materials. `As well as that I also just love it as a form of relaxation. Cross stitch is incredibly easy once you get started and just like when I was wee,  I love seeing the image slowly appear on fabric. 

This is my progress so far! I'm working on the right hand side of the image first and once completed I'll move on to the left.  I finished of the blue of the roof today and I really love the colour scheme as a whole.  I often use these colours in my own work. I will be posting my progress as I go along so expect another one soon!

If you're in the Dundee area, there is a new sewing club called 'Say It Ain't Sew' which is an excellent opportunity to start sewing if you're interested in starting a new hobby.  I can't make it myself as I no longer live in the city but if you live in the area it'd be a great place to try out something new!

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