Sunday, 24 January 2016

A love of stationary and a bit of drawing

A new year always means the chance for a new diary and some new stationary.  This year it's safe to say I went a bit bonkers on the stationary front. I love buying my yearly diary from Sticker Stack as they source their products from Japan and Korea which means lots of beautifully designed pieces. This year I got the same diary as I did last year but in blue as it was the perfect size and has a really nice layout inside. I also bought some sticker sheets from them and a nice pen too.

The majority of stickers I then bought were from The Lemon Cat Shop who have an etsy page too.  I spent a lot of my time trying to decide what to buy and in the end I treated myself to quite a lot of general stickers, memo stickers, diary stickers and mochi tape. The Lemon Cat Shop sell craft supplies and kawaii stationary. I'd certainly recommend both shops if that's the sort of thing you're into as well. I like my diary to look colourful and fun to use and both Sticker Stack and The Lemon Cat Shop has allowed me to do just that.

At Christmas I got a lovely new set of Derwent Artist pencils. I've enjoyed trying them out on this drawing of some houses in Sanna, Ardnamurchan. The colours are very vibrant and the pencils themselves blend together nicely. I look forward to using them in future work. 


  1. I love your stationery haul! Pretty notebooks, pens and stickers are definitely (one) of my addictions! I don't necessarily have a use for them, I just buy them because I like them. After reading this post I went on to Paperchase's website and placed an order, will check out the link above too and see if there is anything I need :)

    Denise xx

    The Life of Dee

    1. Stationary is very addictive to buy! When I went on the above sites it was very difficult to stop myself putting everything in the basket! I hope you found some lovely things :) xx