Friday, 12 February 2016

Website overhaul

 I've been preparing some more for setting up self employed. I decided my website needed a bit of an overhaul as even though I liked the scrapbook look I felt it was quite difficult to navigate.  I wanted something more streamlined and easier for me to update.  I found the perfect design on Cargo Collective for what I needed, so after re-scanning my drawings, I've slowly been updating it.  It's offline at the moment but I'm about 90% complete so will make it live very soon.

As well as the home page layout, I really like the pages for each individual image. It's the sort of clean cut, minimalist look I was trying to find. Cargo Collective is a really brilliant and easy to use site if you're looking for a new look for your website. Their designs are really easy to update as well.

As well as changing up my website I've been working on some new drawings. I find it quite hard to get fully involved in new work as I'm often only off for one day at a time but I'm working on them a little bit here and there. I'm also currently window shopping for a new drawing desk. A proper drawing set up will be a big help for getting on with work. If anyone has any recommendations, do let me know!

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