Sunday, 15 May 2016

A spot of reading: The New Ghost by Robert Hunter

When I'm not drawing or at work, I read. My commute to work is also the perfect time to make my way through a few chapters. My bookshelves are lacking in free space and I always find my legs taking me to the nearest bookshop and before I realise it i'm trying to find some nonexistent room for these newbies. Book buying is incredibly addictive. It's even more addictive when they are stunning graphic novels and comics such as the one I'm featuring today, The New Ghost by Robert Hunter. 

Robert Hunter is a London based illustrator and this is his first comic printed by Nobrow Press. If this was my first comic I'd be more than chuffed because it is beautiful.

The story follows a brand new ghost on its first day and it's not too sure what it's actually meant to do.  We also meet Tom who works at an observatory, trying to work out the secrets of the stars when he spots the new ghost through his telescope. On encountering each other they learn the secrets they've been searching for in the most thought provoking and moving way which Hunter has managed to capture in a neat twenty four pages.

The colour scheme isn't the stereotypical spooky of black and white, but instead a stunning range of cool blues and greens with delicate use of more vibrant oranges and yellows expertly placed through out the pages. This also has the added pleasing aesthetic of being printed by Nobrow Press on quality matt paper. You cant beat great paper. Their 17x23 series is just the sort of thing that you'd want to start collecting if you like beautifully made comics by a wide range of talented artists, with intriguing stories to tell.

 If you want to see more of Robert Hunter's work head over to his website
To see what the guys at Nobrow Press are producing next head over to

If you liked this little book feature, let me know! I'm hoping to keep keep it a regular themed post.  Also, if you have any book recommendations, send them my way. There's always room for more books...


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  2. Some good graphic novels are:

    Charles Burns- "Black Hole"

    Chris Ware- "Jimmy Corrigan, the Smartest Kid on Earth"

    Guy Delisle- "Pyongyang, A Journey in North Korea"

    Harvey Pekar- "American Splendour" anthology and "The Quitter"

    And Posy Simmonds is quite good, "Gemma Bovery" and "Tamara Drewe".

    Oh, and "Ethel and Ernest" by Raymond Briggs.