Wednesday, 25 January 2017

I'm moving my blog: Goodbye blogger!

So I'm moving my blog from Blogger to Wordpress.  It's been a long time coming as I've found Blogger more and more glitchy to use. The final thing that's made me move is that I can't add photos to my blog from my phone or iPad.  I'm sure there will be ways around it but I'd rather just be able to do it simply and effectively. I've used Blogger for many years with a variety of blogs and it has been fun but it's time for a change. 

I'll also not be using the name 'Floating Knees' anymore, mainly because I want my blog to match up with my website so it's new name is my own name.  I have listed it on Bloglovin and moved my followers over to it, something I didn't realise I could do! That has made the move much more simple.

If you'd like to carry on following me then please do head over to my new blog at:

I'll be closing down this blog soon but hopefully I'll see you over on Wordpress!

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