Sunday, 22 January 2017

My Old Photograph Collection: The Newest Additions

I thought I'd do a little update of my old photograph collection, showing you my most recent additions.  As you may or may not know, I find most of my photographs on eBay although I have found the odd few in antique shops. It takes me a while to pick the ones I want to add to my collection because they have to 'feel right'.  I know that sounds a bit odd but there are so so many old photos out there and my collection would be overflowing if I bought them all.  I therefore spend a lot of time finding ones that fit the rest of my collection.  I love photos of people and there's usually something in their face, a warmth, a smile, an intriguing personality that gives me an instant connection to them.  Choosing the photograph is half the fun and doing so I have created a little family of strangers who are all displayed together, gazing out from my shelves. These little faces are so important to me and by displaying them and having had some of them for years they really do feel like family. 

Just to note, apologies for the quality of these shots today.  My camera SD card seems to have died on me and I don't have a spare! So these were all taken on my phone. 


The first of my new additions is this beautiful family portrait.  I've also photographed the back as the designs are often just as beautiful. If you look very closely at the photograph, I think the little girl is wearing a pair of spectacles but it's hard to see straight away.


I think this photo of a mother and her child is so incredibly perfect. The back is difficult to read and if anyone can help me decipher it I'd be incredibly grateful! From what I can read I think it says 'Dorothy Mary Fleece? Millete? Born May? 28th 1874 Aged 4 Months'.


The handsome photo on the left has slight damage but is otherwise very crisp and and in good condition.  I love the one on the right that captures the excitement of Christmas morning.


This next photo is one of my favourites. A group of young men and women who I'm guessing are siblings due to some of the similarities in facial features.  I love their expressions, clothes and also the fact it was created in a photographic studio in Glasgow. Photos like these where there are a group of interesting personalities are the kind that make me wish I could have met them.  It's quite fun to try and imagine who they were and what they were like.


I decided to have a browse for photographs on Christmas Eve and stumbled across this one.  The little girls dress is so sweet. On the back is the single word 'Rudge', which could either be the family name or perhaps the name of the photographer.


Next up is this lovely photo which has notes on the back saying that it is the 'christening of Violet'.  I think their names are Narci (sitting), Rosie (Standing) and Julia. To have names for people in photographs is just the most special thing. I got this photo from an antiques shop in Edinburgh and it was dated 1922.


This next photo also came from the same antiques shop and the note on the back says, ' Received this on 2nd April 1911'. I keep this one away from any light as it is quite a bit more faded than the others.

The next photo is of a solider and the photograph seems to have been taken in a studio in Saarburg.  His eyes look incredibly youthful and I'm not even sure that he has a moustache.  It looks like a mark on the photograph from closer inspection.

Lastly, a charming school photograph.  The photo itself is very small and I love how it's quite blurry, probably from the children not being able to sit still while the photo was being taken.

I have more photographs on the way and the collection is continuing to grow at a healthy pace. I can't stress how enjoyable it is to 'save' these photographs and although I find it sad that they end up without a home, it really is a joy to collect them and keep them safe.

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