Sunday, 24 May 2015

A little trip to St Andrews

Yesterday I had a little trip to St Andrews with the family. I haven't been here for quite a few years so it was nice to return on such a lovely day. We met up with my sister and her fiancĂ© and had a wander through the town. It was really busy and Keira our dog was very interested in everything that was going on. 

I've always loved the streets of St Andrews.  The buildings are very quaint and hold onto their original character.  It's very hard not to peer into the little windows as you pass through the lanes.  Maybe that's just because I'm nosey though. 

We continued to walk past these lovely houses (trying not to do any peering), until we reached the view out to the sea which you can see in the top photo. The air was warm and there wasn't much of a breeze so we sat down and looked out to the view for a while to let ourselves and Keira take a rest.

 We then passed the cathedral but since the last time we were there the prices have sky rocketed to wander around it. The cathedral is a ruin, an interesting one but still a ruin and if my maths is correct it would have cost £40 to essentially walk around outside. I'm sure the money probably goes to maintenance of the site but it did seem a little extravagant to wander around a graveyard and that's coming from me who does love a good walk around a graveyard.  With the dog in tow though, we wouldn't have been able to go in anyway. I did however take a sneak peek through a hole in the wall.

We then continued down towards the harbour where a few little boats sat and there were plenty of people gathered around an ice cream stand. It really was a busy little place and there were a lot of tourists, probably coming for a spot of golf.  The stands have began to be constructed for The Open Championship which will be played between the 12th and 19th of July.  I'm not a golf fan myself but there was quite a golfing buzz about the place, although in St Andrews that's always there whether The Open is being held there or not. 

We then headed back up towards the main streets and passed a rather grand entrance leading into St 
Leonards boarding school.  I like the little windows in the wall and the way the trees frame the way in.  Very Hogwarts.

We then meandered through the crowds, back to the car park. I met this little bee on the journey, quietly sitting in a flower, gathering up some pollen. There were a lot of lovely flowers lining the walk and it was a very refreshing wander with all that sea air. 

I'm off for the weekend but I'm now looking forward to doing a spot of drawing and resting my legs. 

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