Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Cleaning up continues

In the past week or so since I last posted, I've still been working away on re-scanning all my drawings and cleaning them up to have better files of them for the web and future prints. My hand feels like it's permanently in a claw shape from using my Wacom tablet but I'm happy with the progress I'm making, even if there is still quite a lot to work through. I recently finished cleaning up this portrait of my dad and I'm a lot happier with the quality now compared to the one I had before. I've included the previous copy below to show the sort of changes I've been working on.  As you can see it's a completely different colour.  The colour I had previously was not at all like the original and the background wasn't white.  The file size and original scan was of a lower quality and it had completely lost the majority of its detail.

The final image I have now is pretty much identical to the original. The colours are the same, the background is clean and the detail has been kept, such as the pencil marks and the way the watercolour lies.  So the re-scanning and cleaning up might seem like a long and laborious task but hopefully it's quite clear that it's worth it.

I also cleaned up this little street below, and as I've been sifting through all my drawings, it's actually helped me think about future drawings. It's got me excited about future projects.  There's nothing quite like looking through your work again to make you want to get the pens out and do something new. It's been quite a learning curve and an eye opener. 

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