Friday, 29 May 2015

Oh Comely subscription box: Storm in a box

I was incredibly excited to come home yesterday and find that the first Oh Comely magazine subscription box had popped through the letterbox. I signed up for the subscription box because the magazine itself is so beautiful and inspiring therefore a box of goodies from them was an exciting prospect.

The subscription box is themed around the most recent issue which this time is all about the weather so each piece has a link to that in some way.

Firstly I thought the packaging was really lovely with a patterened design and Oh comely stickers to seal it all. Having something pretty falling through your letter box also adds to the excitement of getting nice mail!  

Inside the contents was wrapped up neatly with a peace of string and a parcel tag saying 'STORM BOX', the name of this issue's subscription box.  It all looked very hand made and personal which I though was a really lovely touch.  The whole look of it very much ties in with their magazine style where it feels like you're sitting around with a group of like minded friends having a chat with a cup of tea. That's one of the really lovely things about Oh Comely.  It feels really accessible and friendly and you really feel like you're joining in with everyone when you read it.  Reading Oh Comely feels like joining a lovely creative and inspiring community of people and their new subscription box completely encompases that and makes you feel even more a part of it all.

The first item inside was a list of the contents. 

'Storms are terrifying. Storms are electric.  In Oh Comely's first subscription box you will find a perfect storm of creativity and inspiration.'

Everything was carefully packaged inside and each had a number corresponding to the list of lovely descriptions.

'One: Wind
Windy day, sweep me away. Get swept up in the joy of a good doodle.  Owen Gent is the guest illustrator for Oh Comely 25.  Inspired by the tale of Odysseus and the four winds, together we created this little notebook.'

Owen Gent's illustrations are wonderful and after reading all about him in Oh Comely I had to go and have a look at his work. I find them incredibly peaceful to look at, like scenes out of a dream. I have my eye on a few of his prints which I may well treat myself to soon. This lovely little notebook will fit nicely into my bag for jotting down ideas and ramblings. To see more of Owen's work, head over to his website here.

'Two: Rain
A silk scarf recalling cloudy skies and the silvery rain that falls from it.  Wrap the scarf around your neck, or pop it in your top pocket for a flash of thundery blues.  Hand-dyed and hand-painted by textile artist Justyna Michalowska, you can read an interview with her on page 88'

When I read the mentioned interview with her in this issue I was very excited to then own a piece of her work.  To own a handmade piece in any form is very special and I feel very lucky that as a subscriber I get to own a piece of Justyna's work. The colours are incredibly beautiful and anyone that knows me well enough knows that I absolutely love listening to rain, especially if there's some thunder thrown in there too. So to have one of my favourite types of weather reproduced in a unique way to wear is beautiful. To see more of Justyna's work, head to her website here.

'Three: Shelter
There's rain and wind: take shelter from the storm.  Yours to keep is this brass necklace designed by jeweller Saadiqah Rahman. A simple, timeless shape, is it an archway or perhaps a wishbone? Get to know Saadiqah on page 24.'

I fell in love with this necklace as soon as I saw it.  From hearing about what was going to be in the subscription box, this was one of the pieces I was most excited to receive. I really like simple, bold jewellery and that's exactly what Saadiqah creates. The idea of it being a shelter from the storm reminds me of that feeling you get sitting in your house as rain pours down, yet you're cosy inside with a book, watching it all happen out your window. It's one of the best feelings and I feel this necklace encapsulates that. To see more of Saadiqah's work, head to her website here.

'Four: Home
Now you're home and dry, it's time to curl up with a good read.  Here's Oh Comely 25.  Themed on Weather, it's the place where our stormy adventures began.'

I really enjoyed this issue of Oh Comely and it made a week of bus journey's to work much more enjoyable. We really do love to talk about the weather here and in Scotland in particular we seem to experience a whole range of weather, sometimes just in one single day! It was lovely to hear about people's weather related stories and see people get creative around the theme.

'Five: Sleep
Of all the words for rain, drizzle is our favourite.  Not spitting, pouring, showering or thundering but drizzling.  We sourced a fine sampling from British clouds and bottled it.  Think of it as something to keep under your pillow.'

The final subscription gift was very sweet and fun. The tiny bottle is lovely and if you sit it on your window sill it twinkles away. 

A big thank you to Oh Comely for coming up with such a lovely idea of creating a subscription box for their avid readers.  I'm very much looking forward to the next one.  If you'd like to join in the fun you can subcribe to Oh Comely's subscription box here. Go on, you know you want to!


  1. What a wonderful idea. I really wish I had known about this so I could have subscribed to this box, lovely little gifts you got there. Such a nice magazine isn't it?


  2. PS, that archway/wishbown necklace is PERFECT!!

  3. Wow, these little trinkets are so delicate and peaceful. I love the theme of storms, and that they've celebrated them here. I love the thunder, the mist and the dramatic skies and most of all - when it rains at night and you hear the rain beating against the window.
    What a perfect box :)

    Love from the far other end of the isle

    Sarah xxo |