Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Camping holiday to the Highlands - Bunroy Park Campsite

I have returned from my camping holiday to the Highlands and I have to say I'm really missing it.  It was a lovely break away and I thought it would be best to split it into a few posts as we visited so many different places that I don't want to miss out. 
For the holiday we were based at Bunroy Park site which has been our camping site of choice for the last few years.  We have also stayed in their holiday lodges and the whole site is so well kept with great facilities.  Bunroy Park is situated in it's own little spot of peace and quiet just a five minute walk away from the little village of Roy Bridge.  It's a short drive away from Fort William and Ben Nevis and is an excellent base location for travelling around the Highlands. We were able to have day trips to so many places from here and it's a lovely comfortable and charming place to return to each night.

 In the photo above, you can see out light brown tent in the centre. We got a good number of days without rain where we were able to enjoy sitting at the tent and the showers of rain never lasted long. We had some gale force winds on two nights but the tent managed to survive those without any trouble.  The park offers good shelter in it's location as well. To be honest I love the sound of rain and wind in the tent anyway.  I find it quite relaxing.

Keira of course came along for the holiday and I think she really enjoys the freedom of the tent, being able to wander in and out. She was in her element as well at being able to speak to so many people and other dogs. Even she gets a bit sad coming home.

This is our mighty tent! It's an Outwell Glendale 5 if I remember rightly, and it has plenty room to live comfortably in it. You can walk around easily inside it with room above your head and as I mentioned before it was incredibly sturdy against some of the high winds we got.

The walk to Roy bridge is lovely in itself and takes you up through the woods that surround the site. Keira enjoyed her walks up here that lead to the train station and then out to Roy Bridge. Sometimes you can see deer along the way but I didn't spot any myself this year. My sister saw a frog up this way when she visited but I missed that too! Sometimes you just have to be lucky.

The path is lined with buttercups and many of the trees have birch bracket fungus on them. It's a lovely quiet walk and I recommend anyone who stays here to have a wander up this way as it only takes about five minutes. Perhaps you'll manage to spot the deer and frogs better than I did!

The campsite has a little bird table at their reception so I managed to get a few pictures of the visiting birds. When you pop into the reception there
is a board where you can write down any wildlife sightings you've come across. Apparently there was a toad in the ladies toilets during our stay. We had a frog or toad jump out at us on the way down from the toilets one night. It darted away quickly but certainly gave my mum a fright. Every night we saw bats flying about the trees and every morning you woke to the sounds of the birds. The whole site is surrounded by wildlife which was such a refreshing change from being in the city.

In the campsite you can walk to the nearby river, a favourite of Keira's. We have to keep her on her lead when she dives into water as she's not figured out how to turn around so she would just keep swimming forward. She's a bit daft. She did however enjoy fetching some sticks we'd throw in.

The view through the holiday lodges is beautiful. We stayed in these in the past before we got the tent and they were very comfortable and immaculately kept. Again I would recommend them if you're not into camping. You'll still experience the peaceful surroundings but from the comfort of the lodge.

We had some visitors to the tent. A duck and her duckling. As the holiday went on you could see the duckling getting a little bigger. You always knew when they were visiting as you could here the quacking outside the tent.

Lastly I found this beautiful moth lying outside the ladies toilet's.  Sadly it seemed to be dying or already dead but I placed it back in some grass just in case it found some strength. There were so many different types of moths, butterflies and other wildlife living alongside you around the park that every day you'd spot something new.

A huge thank you needs to be said to the owners of Bunroy Park.  We get a warm and friendly greeting everytime we visit and the park is always a joy to stay in. I highly recommend Bunroy if you fancying visiting the Highlands. As i mentioned before it's a great place for basing your visit as it's easy to visit so many places from here.  The facilities are always kept so well and there is even wifi if you're needing a bit of an internet  fix while you're away. You can camp, bring a caravan or motor home and there are lodges, a pod and even a yurt if you fancy something different. Thank you Bunroy, we shall be back again! If you'd like to book for Bunroy Park or would like more information about them you can visit their website at

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