Saturday, 11 July 2015

Off camping

 So today I am off up the West Coast to go camping with my family. I've been waiting on this holiday for what feels like ages and I can't wait to get away and enjoy some peace and quiet. We've got a pretty nice tent, an Outwell, which is pretty big and spacious.  Much needed when you're also sharing it with a bouncy chocolate lab. I've included a few things here to show what I'm taking. I recently got a Herschel mid volume Little America backpack as I usually carry a satchel but it wasn't really appropriate for camping.  This backpack however is brilliant.  So much room and much easier to carry about. I'm also taking a brand new sketchbook, my much loved Venezia Fabriano one. My favourite. I have a pencil case not show here full of my Copic Multiliner pens and spare nibs and such.  I've also brought some brushes as I'm hoping to find and buy a compact travel water colour set while I'm away.  Sadly I don't have one anymore.  I'm not too sure where my old one disappeared to. I'm also taking a few books, the latest Ben Aaronovitch 'Foxglove Summer' and a Murakami too. I've included socks and a hoody there just to mention that these are from the men's range of both Topshop and Primark. After trying to find some nice cosy clothes in the ladies section of shops I gave up.  They were either cropped, covered in lace, missing the back, bright pink, covered in ridiculous slogans or just plain flimsy and not warm at all. Guys clothes always seems to be made more practically and as well as the hoody and socks I also got two big cosy men's jumpers. I'm not a dress wearing, flowers in the hair kind of camper.  I prefer wearing jeans, t-shirts and jumpers. It's not a catwalk but more of a tent pinned to the ground so it makes much more sense to wear practical clothes and sadly that seems to only be found in the men's department.
The small face peeking out is a Tsum Tsum from the Disney store, a soft squidgy cuddly toy shaped a bit like a sausage.  An odd thing to take you may think, but I bought one of these for my sister's birthday for her holiday and it is in fact to use as a neck support in the car for sleeping and resting.  I love napping in the car and this is perfect for resting my head on. I'm taking my main digital camera but also my new Blackbird Fly 35mm film camera.  I got this recently from the DCA in Dundee after looking for a camera to start taking film photography again. After doing a bit of research on this camera I loved the look of the images it produces.  I'm hoping to get a few interesting shots while I'm away. Other than that I'm taking some clothes and the usual much needed bits and bobs.  I'm pretty much packed and ready to head off now!

This by no means is the first time I've been camping.  I've pretty much been camping since I was very little as my parents have always had a love of the West Coast. Here's a photo on holiday of myself with my mum, my grandparents and our two dogs at the time. So I'll be back, hopefully with a nice range of photos in about two weeks time!

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