Thursday, 30 July 2015

Camping holiday to the Highlands - Mam Ratagan, Glenelg, Kylerhea, Kyle of Lochalsh and Cia-aig Falls

So this is the last post about my holiday.  As you can see I really did need to split up the holiday into different posts as there were so many places we went that I wanted to include.
This last post starts of at the view from the Mam Ratagan pass. To get to this view you have to go up a very steep road which is a bit nerve racking in the car. It's all worth it once you get to the top though.

 We then headed along for a drive through Glenelg. I love this old ruin which is Bernera Barracks. The barracks were built between 1717 and 1723 by the British Government to keep the local population under control after they had risen up in arms for the Jacobite Rising in 1715. Some of the stone from a nearby broch was used to build the barracks.

 Below you can see the hermit's cave. I love looking for caves on the sides of mountains and this one here you can drive right by.

 We went across the Kylerhea Ferry to Skye which was very busy on the day due to an accident on the Kyle of Lochalsh Road. As we waited in the queue we spotted a sea eagle that had caught a large fish. Sadly my camera zoom was again not long enough to capture it properly. We watched a few other boats go by until it was our turn to cross.

 My dad took these photos for me as I wasn't at the side of the ferry so he got some good shots of the views for me including the house that used to be Kylerhea Inn.

 On returning from Skye we got some great fish and chips in Kyle of Lochalsh after coming back across the Skye bridge.

 At the end of our holiday we had a drive along to Loch Lochy and the dark mile to the Cia-aig waterfall. The pool at the bottom of the waterfall is known as the witch pool.  According to legend, Cameron clansmen pursued a witch who had cursed their cattle, forcing her to fall to her death over the falls. Rob Roy was also filmed here at the bridge and pool.

 Along the dark mile you can see old drystone dykes covered in thick moss, and as we carried along further I finally spotted a deer and got a photo.

So that has been my camping holiday to the Highlands. I had a really wonderful time and I'm still missing the fresh air and the peace. I'm pretty sure I'll be back again soon though. 

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