Thursday, 30 July 2015

Camping holiday to the Highlands - Sanna Bay

Another day on our holiday took us to a very special place for me. The place where I was named after, Sanna, situated in Ardnamurchan on the West Coast. Both parents had visited Sanna as children and when meeting then visited together. Really loving Sanna Bay they had decided to name their first baby girl after it and that turned out to be me! 
After driving down a very twisty road for quite a bit we reached Sanna village where a few cottages are dotted about the hills. We then took a short walk along a path through the sand dunes and reached Sanna Bay.

The beach has beautiful golden sands and the blue skies reflect through the clear water.  I love going to beaches but there is something so peaceful and crisp about Sanna Bay, it feels like a something out of a dream and if you stand at the waters edge and look out you feel a great wave of calm.

We wandered around the rocks and had a look in some rock pools. When I was wee I used to clamber over these with a bamboo net searching about for whatever I could find.

I wanted to have a wee look at a limpet as when I was wee I used to love looking at their faces.  I'm not sure if it's even a face or a head at all but I used to think they looked a bit like E.T. This ones 'face' is tucked in the top.

Keira had a great time diving about and digging holes. She absolutely loves being on the beach.

It was certainly a pleasure to revisit Sanna Bay and I gathered a few shells from the beach to keep as a memento. I'm going to post up the shells and things I gathered soon along with some I found on Morar Beach which I'm also going to be doing a post on.

The path back was lined with black sheep that watched us as we headed to the car park. I hope to return again soon when I next visit up this way.

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