Thursday, 30 July 2015

Oh Comely subscription box: Cartwheels in a box

 Oh Comely's second subscription box popped through the door the other day and I was pretty excited to see what this one contained. The theme this time is wheels!

'This box is mischievous and just a little subversive.  It invites you to come and play.'

As always the subscription box contains the new issue.  I've yet to start reading as I've been keeping it as a treat for finishing everything I've been trying to catch up on. This time the box contains items designed by illustrator Kaye Blegvad. Kaye's work is incredibly cool. Not only does she do some pretty lovely illustrations, she also makes ceramics and runs a jewellery line called Datter Industries. I have my eye on a few pieces!

If you'd like to see Kaye's work, pop over to her website here

As with the last box there is a contents list that numbers everything and gives a little description so I'll include these here. 

'One. Between the pages of the Wheels Issue, meet Kaye Blegvad, our partner in crime.  This box revolves around Kaye's sinister-yet-charming illustration like spokes around an axle.  You could think of it as Kaye's Toy Box, even.  Become engrossed in her art and her story on page 20.' 

'Two. Spin the wheel, choose a face.  What face do you show to the world?  And what face do you save for friends and family? Move the wheel and you can be whoever you want.  Kaye's Face Changer is a nod to your secret self.'

As you can see above Kaye's created an illustrated spinner. I particularly like this rather hairy face. I can see myself pinning this on my wall and every so often changing the face with my mood.  Just for the fun of it.

'Three. Pin your heart on your sleeve.  Or your mood on your lapel.  We chose three favourite faces to adorn a trio of enamel badges and became so fond of them that each acquired a nickname: Closed-Eye Lady, Open-Eyed Lady and Snake Lady.  Send your own nicknames to'

I love these pin badges so so much. I've attached 'Closed-Eye Lady' to my coat as she looks pretty peaceful. For me she is called 'Bus Nap Lady'. Something I'm partial to doing myself. I'm still trying to think of some nicknames for the other two.

 'Four. Shuffle a deck. There are women dancing and spinning and, quite possibly, attempting a handstand across the surface of these playing cards.  Slip the pack into your pocket for a spontaneous round of Pontoon, Snap or Texas Hold 'Em.'

Well what a darn pretty pack of cards. I really love the white and blue illustration. I don't have a pack of cards either so this is rather handy. I now want to make a card tower with them.

'Five. Twirl a pen.  Finally, the pages of this notebook are blank, waiting for your thoughts and doodles.  Take your favourite pen for a spin, and decide where the journey will end.'

A handy little notebook illustrated by Kaye, which I'll pop in my bag to take some notes or do a little drawing myself. 

Thanks, Oh Comely for another great subscription box. I look forward to the next and to delving into this issue. If you fancy subscribing to Oh Comely, whether it's the magazine or the box then you can hop over here to do so.

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