Thursday, 30 July 2015

Camping holiday to the Highlands - Morar, Loch nan Uamh, Inverness and Eilean Donan Castle

 We took a trip to another beach I love, this time Morar. I've spent many holidays here with my family and yet again, it was lovely to come back. Morar beach is covered in so many shells and coral. I gathered up a bag full to take home so I'll post up what I found soon.

 Like Sanna, Morar beach is another peaceful place to spend some time and I could have stayed here all day. We spent quite a while sitting gathering shells and even Keira started digging too.

 We spotted this bird which seems to be a young one, but were unsure what it was. It was flitting in and out of the long grass by the beach.

 After spending some time at Morar we also stopped off at Loch nan Uamh. This is one of my mum's favourite views. I have to agree with her that it is stunning. The Prince's Cairn sits here which marks where Bonnie Prince Charlie left after the unsuccessful Jacobite Rising.

 We also headed to Inverness.  I haven't been here since I was quite young and I really struggled to remember it well. Below is a photograph of Inverness Castle and I also took photos of some of the buildings which I thought looked rather nice.  Especially for possibly drawing at some point.

 I also revisited Eilean Donan Castle which I haven't been to for a few years. The castle was closed on this day and the flag at half mast as a member of staff's funeral was that day.  They had worked at the castle for 20 years and I thought that was a lovely mark of respect.

 We had a wander around the castle grounds and took in the views. The castle was founded in the 13th century and was a stronghold for Clan Mackenzie and their allies Clan Macrae.  Clan Mackenzie's involvement in the Jacobite rebellion led to the castle being destroyed by Government troops but was rebuilt in the 20th century by Lieutenant-Colonel John Macrae-Gilstrap.

 I love this little balcony that you can see in the photo below. I've always loved the tiny windows on castles too. Another thing to keep in mind for drawing.

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