Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Camping holiday to the Highlands - Fort William, Glen Nevis and Loch Sunart

We started off our holiday by having a trip down to Fort William which is only a short drive away from the campsite. There was still a spot of snow tucked into the mountains but the weather was warm, the rain staying away for us to enjoy a walk about. I've always loved the view out from Fort William.  It reminds me of the beginning of the holidays.  I used to peer over the wall of the car park into the water where huge jellyfish bobbed about just under the surface. I didn't see any this time. I did however see a few boats bobbing about instead, the town busy with tourists and people out enjoying the sun. 

We had a walk down the high street which has changed quite a bit since I was wee. Many of the shops I used to know have shut down but a few new restaurants and coffee shops have popped up. It was nice to have a look about and see what has changed.

We then had a drive up Glen Nevis. This is a place absolutely full of memories for me as I spent many holidays either staying her or visiting. We met a few sheep and lambs on the way and carried on along the single track road up towards the small car park at the Steall Falls.  It ended up being over parked so we had to carefully turn back and come down again.  That didn't matter through as the views along the way are incredible. 

This is my dad's favourite tree in Glen Nevis, a beautiful Scots Pine. The road has a drop down one side and is very twisty like a lot of the single track roads up in the Highlands so even though we didn't park the drive was an event in itself. As with everywhere up here I never get bored of these views or mountains. The atmosphere is incredible and it will continue to hold my memories until the next time I visit. 

We had a drive to Loch Sunart and the wildlife hide there to look for some otters and seals. Loch Sunart is a sea loch and has bit of a legend attached to it.

There are no swans ever found at Loch Sunart. A Celtic chieftain was meant to have fallen in love with a local girl.  His mother didn't approve and turned the girl into a swan to stop the love affair. The  chieftain then accidentally killed the swan on a hunting trip and when he found out the true identity of the swan, killed himself to join her at the bottom of the loch.  Legend says that swans have avoided the Loch ever since. 

Sadly we didn't spot any otters never mind swans but we did see many seals. I don't have a large enough zoom on my camera so couldn't get any photos but there were binoculars at the hide so we watched them for a while and even saw some seal pups. I loved the wooden sign to the hide in the shape of a seal.

I promise you there are seals in this photograph below, sitting all along the rocks.  I will invest in a longer zoom for next time.

After the journey we headed back for numerous cups of tea and the odd nap. Naps and tea always end the day well.

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